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Order Management
  1. Order processing overview
  2. Viewing orders
  3. Processing orders
  4. Archiving orders
  5. Exporting orders
  6. Deleting orders
  7. Searching for orders
  8. Printing orders
Order processing overview

Viewing orders
To view your orders, select the "Store" tab, "View/Process Orders" link. The list of all orders that are currently active (those that have not been moved to history or deleted) are shown.

Processing orders

Orders and credit card processing gateways
With a credit card processing gateway enabled, each credit card order received is authorized before it is accepted by the system. If you have a credit card processing gateway or virtual credit card terminal, click the "Payment Methods/Merchant Account" link on the main store manager to configure it.

AUTHORIZATION PHASE: When a customer is on your checkout page and they submit the order, their credit card information is sent to your gateway for authorization. If the card is not authorized, the customer receives an error message. If the authorization goes through, the order is accepted by the system and shows up as a new order.

COMPLETION/CAPTURE PHASE: Review the order and prepare it for shipping. When you are ready to ship your order, click the complete button to complete the transaction. When the complete button is clicked, the order authorization code is sent to the gateway. Completing a transaction transfers the funds for the order to your merchant account.

Order Status and display
The main order display page lets you view each of your orders. To view orders that are in a given state, click the appropriate tab. For example: To view orders that you have marked as "Back Ordered", click the "Back Ordered" tab. Only those orders that are presently set as "Back Ordered" will be shown. To view "All Orders", click the "All Order" tab.

Order categories

  • ALL ORDERS - All of your orders are displayed, sorted by order status.
  • NEW ORDERS - All new orders that you receive are placed in the new orders folder.
  • IN PROGRESS - Use this status to maintain a list of orders that you are currently working on.
  • BACK-ORDERED - Set to back-ordered while you are waiting to complete the order.
  • READY TO SHIP - Use ready to ship to view a list of orders that you have indicated are ready to go.
  • COMPLETED - An order is set to completed when the complete order button is clicked.
  • CANCELLED - Cancelled orders are displayed in this folder.
  • SHIPPED - Once you have shipped an order you can set the status to Shipped. You must first Complete the order before you can set the status to Shipped.

New orders
When an order comes into your store, its status will always be marked as new. Unless you change the status of the order, it will remain in the new state.

Changing the status of an order
You can use the order status to help you manage your order list. The status options only serve to help you organize your orders. To set an order to a particular status, click "view/process" for the order and select the status you want from the list of available statuses by clicking the appropriate box. In some cases, you may not be able to choose a status. For example, you cannot select the Shipped status if you have not completed the order.

Completing orders
Once the order is ready to be shipped, click the "COMPLETE" button. If you are using a credit card processing gateway, using this button will send the transaction to your gateway to be completed. NOTE: if you have already closed/completed the transaction from within your virtual terminal you will receive an error because the transaction is no longer available. Completing a transaction transfers the funds for the order to your merchant account.

Canceling orders
If you are not going to be shipping the order or it needs to be cancelled, click the "CANCEL" button. If you are using a credit card processing gateway, the system will void the transaction by sending a message to your gateway.

Adding additional charges
If you are utilizing a gateway to process transactions, you can add additional charges to a customer card (e.g., for shipping charges) by clicking the "Add Charge" button from the customers order, then entering the amount to charge. If the charge is successful then a note indicating the charge was added to this customers card and the transaction id will be displayed as well.

Archiving orders
Once an order has shipped, you can archive the order so that it does not appear in your order list. To view archived orders, you can click the "History" link located on the "Store Orders" screen. To move an order to the archive, you can go to "view/process" for the order and click the "Archive" button. To archive multiple orders at a time, go the "Store Orders" screen, check off the orders to archive using the checkbox to the left of each order. Then click the "Move to History" button.

Exporting orders
To export orders for use in an external program (like Microsoft Excel), click "Store", "Store Orders" and "Export" or click "Store", "Import/Export". Select which orders you want to export by checking off the different statuses of orders you want to include. Then click "Start Export". There are 2 files that are generated: "orders.csv" and "orderitems.csv". You can download them by selecting the appropriate link, right clicking it, and selecting the "Save Target As..." option from the browser right menu button.

Deleting orders
To delete an order from the system, you can go to "Store Orders" and select "History". Check off the orders to delete using the checkbox to the left of the order and click the "Delete Orders" button.

Searching for orders
To find an order by the order id of the order, click "Store Orders" and select "Find". Type the id of the order into the box provided and click "Find".